Hudson Valley Farms: Nurturing Excellence in Duck and Foie Gras Production

Hudson Valley Farms: Nurturing Excellence in Duck and Foie Gras Production


Hudson Valley Farms is a renowned company in the duck product industry, specializing in the production of foie gras. With its roots in Quebec, Canada, and as a subsidiary of Hudson Valley Foie Gras in New York, USA, Hudson Valley Farms brings expertise and dedication to the world of ducks. In this blog post, we explore the unique aspects of Hudson Valley Farms' operations, including their use of mulard ducks, their commitment to raising ducks in a contamination-free environment, and their focus on a high-quality plant-based diet.

The Art of Mulard Ducks:

At Hudson Valley Farms, the art of duck production is centered around the mulard duck, a hybrid animal resulting from the breeding of a male Muscovy duck and a female Peking duck. This careful selection of breeds ensures that the mulard duck possesses the desired characteristics for the production of high-quality duck products. With their superior meat quality and distinct flavor, mulard ducks have become a sought-after niche product, and Hudson Valley Farms takes pride in their expertise in raising and nurturing these exceptional animals.

Contamination-Free Environment:

Maintaining a contamination-free environment is crucial for the health and well-being of the ducks at Hudson Valley Farms. The ducks are raised freely for 12 weeks, ensuring that they are protected from potential contamination from wild birds during their early stages. This meticulous approach guarantees the purity and safety of the ducks, resulting in products of the highest standards.

A Plant-Based Diet for Optimal Nutrition:

Hudson Valley Farms places great importance on providing its ducks with a carefully curated, 100% plant-based diet. The ducks are fed a diet that emphasizes the use of high-quality corn as a significant component of their food intake. This specific diet is essential for mulard ducks, as they naturally possess a higher fat content. By maintaining a consistent and balanced plant-based diet, Hudson Valley Farms ensures the ducks receive optimal nutrition, leading to exceptional flavor and texture in their products.

The Pursuit of Quality:

Quality is at the heart of Hudson Valley Farms' operations. The company partners with regional agricultural producers who guarantee the sourcing of the best possible feed for their ducks. This commitment to sourcing the highest quality ingredients is a testament to Hudson Valley Farms' dedication to excellence, resulting in products that meet and exceed the expectations of discerning customers.


Hudson Valley Farms stands as a testament to the artistry and precision required in the duck and foie gras industry. With a focus on mulard ducks, a contamination-free environment, and a commitment to providing a carefully crafted plant-based diet, Hudson Valley Farms delivers exceptional products that delight the palate. When you choose Hudson Valley Farms, you can be confident that you are enjoying duck and foie gras that has been produced with passion, expertise, and a commitment to quality.
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